August, 2011

  1. Out of Venice – to lake Garda

    August 31, 2011

    Bidding farewell to Venice is a hard thing to do, so I will start this entry with some lost and found shots of La Serenissima:

    A rare creature rests in Cannaregio – a white gondola. Her name is Gabriella.

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  2. Italy Timelapses

    August 24, 2011

    Some timelapse shots done in Bellagio on lake Como, Sirmione on lake Garda, Ciuk near Bormio in the Alps. More photographs from all these places to come.

    Created using Nikon D7000 and its awesome interval shooting feature.

  3. More Venice

    August 22, 2011

    It’s hard to condense all of my experiences in Venice down to a webpage, so all I’ve got here are more snippets and snapshots. Churches, bridges, canals, steps, cats, flowers, vaporetti, the sea, the lagoon, the beach, sand, seashells, tanned and toned vaporetto employees, peach iced tea, always perfect temperature, warm nights, pink lamp posts, sculptures embedded in houses, boats, islands in the distance, pigeons walking just like tourists, narrow streets, busy shopping districts, humid air, mild sunburns, lunches and dinners at outdoor tables in restaurants, waking up to church bells, Ciao, Grazie!

    Church of Madonna del'Orto. We passed it numerous times on the way to and from the vaporetto.

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  4. The islands of Venice

    August 16, 2011

    A whole week in Venice is bound to be filled with way more things than can be safely recalled later. It is unsafe to think too much about your time in Venice because while you do that, time keeps passing, and you can easily spend hours recounting small incidents that only lasted a few minutes.

    Our typical days in Venice would begin by waking up in late morning, having a light breakfast and venturing off, usually in no specific direction. Sunrises are beautiful, but sleeping in is a luxury I rarely forgo while on vacation.

    A colour boost awaits just outside. We’d check up on the potted plants whenever we left or returned. They never needed watering – looked like it rained lightly on a lot of the nights.

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