March, 2017

  1. Reaching Critical Temperature in Death Valley

    August 30, 2015
    Posted on March 27, 2017

    Our journey out of Death Valley began by heading for the very heart of it. Descending from camp, the first curious thing we found were the charcoal kilns. Used at some point to make charcoal for a nearby smelter, they stood there looking alien and inviting. Alex obviously had to ride inside of one.

    Charcoal kilns

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  2. Hot and Smoky in the Owens Valley

    August 28-29, 2015
    Posted on March 24, 2017

    Several things caught up with us today. Aside from picking up Alex’s cellphone from the restaurant (yes, it was patiently waiting all night) and seeing a dentist to take care of my tooth, we also visited a motorcycle mechanic to inquire about the oil disappearing from my motorcycle. In other great news, the whole town was covered in a smoky haze due to nearby wildfires.

    Smoky sky and dirt roads in Owens Valley

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  3. Yosemite

    August 25-27, 2015
    Posted on March 14, 2017

    It was time to leave the city behind, but not before some scheduled maintenance. Alex’s bike was due for an oil change and Ben graciously agreed to show us around the Alameda island to warm it up. Ben has a WR250X, which is closely related to Alex’s WR250R, and they swapped bikes to try them out. Alex said it felt very very different.

    After changing the oil and fixing a couple other minor things, we were off towards Yosemite. Once out of urban area and off the freeway, the path passes through numerous farm fields, with local produce advertised on the side of the road. Everything from strawberries and peaches to walnuts and almonds – I was getting seriously tempted. Sometimes when you go with a purpose in mind, you tend to keep going by inertia, instead of stopping to check something unexpected. So in this case, by the time we caved in and agreed to stop at the next available fruit stand – the farm fields ended and we were reaching into the mountains. Think faster next time.

    Stanislaus National Forest

    Stanislaus National Forest

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