If there is anything better than travelling to new beautiful places, it’s knowing that after you get back home, there are more places to visit and more sights to see!

It started with a faint idea that travelling must be fun, which was confirmed on the first try, in nothing short of Venice, Italy. Then somehow motorcycles got added into the mix, with the discovery that an old fashioned road trip can get to a whole new level when you’re on two wheels, not to mention, scooters are more fun than rental cars on tiny lazy islands.

We spent many years exploring places near and far from our home in Toronto, Canada. Then while on a road trip across the United States, we fell in love with California and eventually moved to the South San Francisco Bay Area. As you may have heard, it’s pretty close to being a motorcycling paradise.

In the grand scheme of things, we haven’t even scratched the surface as far as destinations to visit and routes to take, but we’re chipping at it, little by little 😉

Alex and Marina

Alex and Marina