Entering La Belle Province

July 13, 2013
Posted on August 26, 2013

We got up and realized that the heat has been left on all night and it was very dry and hot. It was so dry that I couldn’t use the iPhone’s touch interface. It just wouldn’t register my fingers. Couldn’t turn off the alarm :). Next we headed down for our continental breakfast. The omelet and sausage seemed ok and tasteless for the most part, but one of the perks was a waffle toast making machine. It dispensed liquid doughy substance which you poured into the pan, closed and flipped (that was the fun part) to cook for 3 min. It was fresh and tasty, yum yum.

We then headed to Canadian Tire to pick up the washer and glue to fix the speedo. After which we headed to Lee Valley tools and picked up the magnets. They have a cool ordering procedure, which you have to experience for yourself. After that we headed to 148 and ran into city traffic. At one point I had an old lady brake check me, just as I was about to pass her.

The fancy pants hardware store.

It was quite scenic, but took us a while to reach Montreal. We decided to skip Montreal traffic and take a highway through it. Soon enough, we ran into traffic and headed for hwy 138. For some stupid reasons we argued over minor nuisances and that got me completely exhausted. As we went on we stopped for food in Trois-Rivières. Motorcycle parking on the main street was surrounded by pretty statues, a small park and restaurants. We both mentally picked the same place – words such as “pasta” underneath the restaurant name inspired confidence. I got chicken soup followed by veal with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes with Cesar salad that I shared with Alex being the ungrateful neurotic ass that he was. The most important thing to bring to any trip is the right attitude.  Alex ordered pasta with meat and pepperoni covered in melted cheese. Great food and we were listening to some band playing live country music on the street and testing out their instruments.

Somewhere on 148.

Somewhere else on 148.

Tons of smaller tributaries fall into the Ottawa River, here is one of them.

Lunch! I love Quebecois food! Even when it’s Italian.

As we headed towards Quebec City, we stayed on 138 (north shore of St Lawrence river) and then headed down to 132 (south shore). I was getting a little exhausted with trying to overtake traffic on my trusty little TU250. This was a little nerve wrecking for both of us and we got into another fight. Eventually we found a very pretty church and both of us enjoyed the sunset there.

Sun beginning to set over St. Lawrence river.

So good to out and about 😉

More arguments later and my headset died mid-screaming at him for having to pass another vehicle unsafely. We ended up taking a detour though gravel roads at dusk and it got nerve wrecking and he started feeling very bad. So once we got back to 132, he led us to hwy 20 and I took the lead and got us there without any problems. As for the hotel, there were tons of bugs and no AC. The nets were ripped so we kept the windows locked and I couldn’t sleep. Woke up at 5am and said, lets get going 🙂 but once I opened the window and the fresh air came in, I fell asleep.

That’s all for the night.

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