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  1. Long Days and Long Nights

    August 1-3, 2013
    Posted on December 29, 2013

    Leaving Newfoundland, sunset over Channel-Port aux Basques Lighthouse

    This entry will be long and painful. It spans 3 days and does not have nearly as many awesome photos as it should, because sometimes the road is not throwing exciting things at you all the time, and sometimes you just get dog tired of it. And sometimes you just need a break so you can go for that last stretch with a refreshed mind. Continue reading…

  2. Going back West

    July 31, 2013
    Posted on December 25, 2013

    On our last morning in St. John’s we had a particularly engaging breakfast conversation with fellow travellers. It was a couple from Québec who travelled on a GS1200. Although currently they were on a mellow tour of Newfoundland, the rider shared a more hard core story of going on his bike to James Bay. He travelled there alone and got stuck, but thankfully his wife was able to come to his rescue, after many continuous hours of driving and with lots of spare fuel carried on board, since provisions are hard to come by in that rarely visited section of Northern Québec. There were many stories exchanged, including a friendly note that if you ever ride in India, the elephants always have the right of way. It’s easy to get distracted with a good conversation, so we ended up late for our tire change appointment. Still in about 15 minutes my TU250 was perched up on the stand and got some new rubber on. By 10am we were ready to roll west, towards the “perfectly centred” Grand Falls-Windsor.

    Southport, Newfoundland

    Continue reading…

  3. Around Avalon Peninsula

    July 30, 2013
    Posted on December 23, 2013

    Community of Flatrock, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

    Our schedule for the morning was very busy: a tire change for one (or both, depending on how efficient the shop is) of our bikes. After that we planned to ride around the peninsula and see what the coast looks like north and south of St. John’s. Continue reading…

  4. Of Whales and Puffins

    July 29, 2013
    Posted on December 16, 2013

    This morning we woke up close to the breakfast ending time and found the main table in the dining room had no more space left. We opted to have breakfast in the lounge instead, where we had tea the night before. This was a blessing in disguise as the guests at the main table were in the middle of a heated discussion about Toronto politics (especially our colourful major, who since then became even more infamous). This was not something we wanted to engage in, so we headed out quickly after the meal for our Zodiac boat tour in Witless Bay. Continue reading…