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  1. Last Stop: Lake Placid

    August 5, 2013
    Posted on December 31, 2013

    View from Whiteface Mountain

    The last morning of our trip started rather lazily. We did not have any immediate plans and did not really do much research about the Lake Placid area, aside from knowing that it’s nestled in the middle of Adirondacks so it should be pretty when served the right way. We started out by slowly riding through the town in search of a good breakfast. Continue reading…

  2. Riding up Mount Washington

    August 4, 2013
    Posted on December 29, 2013

    The day was sunny and cool, seemed like a perfect day for a ride up Mount Washington! Not wanting to waste any time, we had a quick breakfast in the hotel and headed back by the familiar roads towards the mountain. Continue reading…

  3. New York City

    April 5-9, 2012
    Posted on April 17, 2012

    Easter long weekend. Why not take an extra day off and spend 4 glorious days in New York?

    Continue reading…